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We’re your go-to source for the latest entertainment, pop culture, and celebrity news. Our team is made up of passionate writers, editors, and industry insiders dedicated to bringing you exclusive updates, insightful analyses, and behind-the-scenes looks at your favorite celebs and events. Meet the fantastic people who make it all happen!


Christine Miceli, Executive Producer

Christine Miceli leads as Executive Producer, drawing on vast experience in entertainment journalism to steer content strategy at Splash News Online. With a keen eye for trends and talent for fostering collaborative environments, Christine ensures the site remains at the forefront of breaking news in entertainment.

Rick Grimes, Executive Producer

Rick Grimes brings a dynamic approach to multimedia storytelling. Rick’s background in documentary filmmaking enriches his ability to present compelling narratives, making him instrumental in producing impactful features that resonate with diverse audiences.

Jamie Robinson, Senior News Producer

Jamie Robinson brings invaluable expertise in orchestrating major news coverage. Her strategic thinking and passion for innovative reporting techniques are crucial in upholding the site’s reputation for delivering timely and authoritative news.

Kirstin Johnston, News Producer

Kirstin Johnston specializes in crafting detailed articles and managing live event coverage. Kirstin’s commitment to journalistic integrity and her knack for engaging content curation is central to her role in keeping the audience informed and entertained.

Saundra Latham, Senior News Editor

Saundra Latham has a real knack for making complex stories easy to understand. Her thorough editing skills and commitment to getting the facts right mean that our readers always get clear and trustworthy updates on the latest in entertainment news.

Paul Nunez, News Editor

Paul Nunez skillfully manages our daily news flow. With his keen editing skills and deep understanding of the entertainment industry, Paul plays a vital role in crafting polished, engaging content that resonates with our readers.

Heather Casey, Photo Editor

Heather Casey brings her artistic vision and technical skills to her role. Heather curates striking visuals that capture the essence of stories, enhancing the narrative depth and aesthetic appeal of the site’s offerings.


Cheryl Collier
Cheryl Collier brings a vibrant, youthful energy and sharp multimedia skills to her coverage of the latest entertainment buzz from Georgia. At 33, she offers fresh insights that enhance Splash News Online, especially with her focus on emerging music trends and celebrity culture. Cheryl’s lively and engaging style keeps her readers in the loop and well-informed, making her a standout member of our news team.

Tom Moore
Tom Moore, joining us from New Jersey with decades of experience, is a beloved contributor at Splash News Online. At 57, he’s celebrated for his in-depth analyses of film and theater, which consistently rank as reader favorites. With his thoughtful commentary and expert insights, Tom keeps our audience well-informed about the latest and most significant developments in the arts scene.