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Alexis Bellino’s ‘RHOC’ Return Negotiations And New Relationship Alexis Bellino’s ‘RHOC’ Return Negotiations And New Relationship


Alexis Bellino’s ‘RHOC’ Return Negotiations And New Relationship

Written by: Josefina Billups

Get the latest news on Alexis Bellino's negotiations for a 'RHOC' return and her new relationship. Stay updated with all the latest developments.

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Reality TV star Alexis Bellino was reportedly in talks with ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ producers to make a comeback to the show before she began dating Shannon Beador’s former partner, John Janssen. Sources connected to the show revealed that negotiations for Bellino’s return were already underway before her romantic involvement with Janssen.

Key Takeaway

Alexis Bellino’s negotiations to return to ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ were reportedly in progress before her involvement with Shannon Beador’s ex, emphasizing that her comeback was not solely influenced by her personal life.

A Coincidental Connection

While the timing of Alexis’ return and her relationship with John Janssen may appear interconnected, sources emphasized that it was purely coincidental. By the time Bellino and Janssen commenced dating in December 2023, Alexis was allegedly deeply engaged in discussions regarding her potential return to the reality TV series.

Heather Dubrow’s Influence

It has been disclosed that Heather Dubrow played a significant role in Alexis Bellino’s anticipated return to ‘RHOC.’ Despite a previous falling out between the two on the show, sources indicated that Dubrow and Bellino have since rekindled their friendship. Allegedly, Dubrow had been advocating for Bellino’s return to the show for several years, even actively promoting the idea to producers in the previous season.

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