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Jessica Vestal Sparks Romance Speculation With ‘Love Is Blind’ Co-Star Jessica Vestal Sparks Romance Speculation With ‘Love Is Blind’ Co-Star


Jessica Vestal Sparks Romance Speculation With ‘Love Is Blind’ Co-Star

Written by: Binni Wines

Jessica Vestal's connection with her 'Love Is Blind' co-star has sparked romance speculation. Get the latest news and updates on this developing story.

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Jessica Vestal of ‘Love Is Blind’ has hinted at a potential new romance, and fans are eager to uncover the mystery behind her latest love interest. During a recent appearance on Nick Viall‘s podcast, Jessica revealed that she is currently in the process of exploring a new relationship with a fellow cast member from the show.

Key Takeaway

Jessica Vestal’s recent hints about a new romance with a ‘Love Is Blind’ co-star have sparked speculation and anticipation among fans, adding an intriguing twist to the show’s ongoing narrative.

A New Love Interest

While Jessica did not disclose the identity of her new partner, she alluded to the fact that viewers might already be familiar with this individual, suggesting that she had formed a strong connection with them during the pod sessions. This revelation has left fans speculating about the possible identity of Jessica’s new beau, especially since her on-screen interactions primarily revolved around another cast member, Jimmy Presnell.

Recent sightings of Jessica with a season 6 co-star have further fueled the rumors. A video capturing Jessica and Johnny McIntyre walking together at LAX has sparked curiosity among fans, especially considering the absence of Johnny’s fiancée, Amy Cortés, during the outing. While there is no concrete evidence to confirm the nature of Jessica and Johnny’s relationship, fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming ‘LIB’ finale to see how the story unfolds.

Speculations and Anticipation

As the ‘LIB’ finale approaches, all eyes are on the potential developments in Jessica’s love life, as well as the outcomes for the other cast members. With the impending wedding of Johnny and Amy, viewers are eager to witness the culmination of their journey and the potential surprises that may arise during the reunion.

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