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Shaggy Urges Jamaicans To Support Bob Marley Biopic Shaggy Urges Jamaicans To Support Bob Marley Biopic


Shaggy Urges Jamaicans To Support Bob Marley Biopic

Written by: Inez Spurlock

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Shaggy, the well-known rapper and singer, is calling on all Jamaicans to show their support for the latest Bob Marley biopic, despite the film receiving mixed reviews. The artist expressed his strong belief that it is essential for Jamaicans to back the movie, emphasizing the significance of this cultural representation.

Key Takeaway

Shaggy is urging all Jamaicans to support the Bob Marley biopic, emphasizing the importance of cultural representation and the potential benefits for the Marley family.

Shaggy’s Call to Action

During the Island Music Conference in Kingston, Shaggy made it clear that he considers it “un-Jamaican” for any native of the country to not support the biopic. He has been an avid advocate for the film and even attended the ‘One Love’ premiere in Los Angeles, alongside prominent figures such as Brad Pitt, Stevie Wonder, and members of the Marley family.

Defending the Film

Despite the criticism the film has faced for its portrayal of Bob Marley’s life, Shaggy stood by the production, commending lead actor Kingsley Ben-Adir’s vocal performance. Addressing the controversy surrounding Ben-Adir’s Jamaican accent, Shaggy acknowledged the imperfections but praised the actor for delivering a convincing portrayal, considering he is not Jamaican himself.

Looking to the Future

Shaggy also highlighted the potential impact of the film’s success on the Marley family, expressing optimism about the financial prospects it holds for them. He firmly believes that the support of Jamaicans is crucial in contributing to the film’s success and the potential benefits it could bring to the Marley clan.

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