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YouTuber N3on’s Car Misidentified As Stolen, Leading To Detainment YouTuber N3on’s Car Misidentified As Stolen, Leading To Detainment


YouTuber N3on’s Car Misidentified As Stolen, Leading To Detainment

Written by: Tracie Klaus

Stay updated with the latest news as YouTuber N3on's car is mistakenly identified as stolen, resulting in a detainment. Get the full story here.

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A video of N3on getting pulled over has gone viral online, but the reason behind the sheriff’s deputies’ stop is quite unusual. N3on, a popular YouTuber and streamer among the Gen-Z audience, was recently featured in a video that captured the moment when he and his entourage were stopped by deputies in West Hollywood.

Key Takeaway

N3on’s car was mistakenly identified as stolen, leading to a dramatic detainment by sheriff’s deputies. The misunderstanding was resolved after it was confirmed that the car had been recovered but not removed from the system.

Unraveling the Misunderstanding

During the encounter, N3on and his friends were instructed by the officers to not move and to place their hands on the headrests in front of them. The deputies had pulled them over because their vehicle had been mistakenly reported as stolen, which was flagged by the plate-readers in the cop car.

As part of the standard procedure for a felony car stop, officers ordered N3on out of the car at gunpoint. N3on then explained to the officers that the car had been stolen and subsequently recovered by the LAPD. It turned out that the car had been found before they were aware of the update, and it had not been removed from the system.

Resolution and Release

After verifying N3on’s account, the deputies confirmed that the car had not been taken out of the system. They explained the situation to N3on, who reportedly cooperated with understanding. Subsequently, he was released without further incident.

Parting on Good Terms

Despite the misunderstanding, it seems that N3on and the officers ended the encounter on good terms. The video N3on posted appears to confirm the sequence of events, and it’s evident that the situation could have escalated into a larger problem due to a minor mistake.

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