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AEW’s Darby Allin’s Insane Stunt In Sting’s Last Match AEW’s Darby Allin’s Insane Stunt In Sting’s Last Match


AEW’s Darby Allin’s Insane Stunt In Sting’s Last Match

Written by: Kelli Cordova

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AEW’s Revolution event was a night to remember, with the spotlight on the legendary Sting. However, it was Darby Allin who momentarily stole the show with a jaw-dropping move. The 31-year-old wrestler executed a gravity-defying front flip off a 12-foot ladder, crashing through a glass panel below, in what can only be described as a truly insane stunt.

Key Takeaway

Darby Allin stunned the audience at AEW’s Revolution with a death-defying front flip off a ladder, through a glass panel, in Sting’s last match, showcasing his unwavering determination and commitment to the sport.

A Fearless Display

The drop from the ladder to the glass was estimated to be around 13 feet, leaving Allin bloodied and bruised. Despite the injuries, Darby showed his unwavering determination and continued to wrestle, even receiving medical attention on the fly.

Post-Match Assurance

Following the match, Darby reassured fans of his well-being, stating, “I wanted to come here to let people know I was still alive.” He also emphasized his resilience, expressing his determination to continue despite the challenging circumstances.

Victory and Legacy

Despite the physical toll, Darby and Sting emerged victorious, defeating The Young Bucks and retaining their AEW tag team title. This victory marked the conclusion of one of the most illustrious careers in professional wrestling, as Sting bid farewell to the ring in a memorable manner.

A Fitting Tribute

It comes as no surprise that Allin persevered for Sting, as he had previously expressed his willingness to go to great lengths to ensure Sting’s retirement match was a resounding success. With his awe-inspiring performance, Darby Allin undoubtedly played a pivotal role in allowing Sting to retire on a high note.

As Darby recuperates from his injuries, his unwavering commitment to the sport and his remarkable display of athleticism continue to resonate with fans, solidifying his status as a fearless and dedicated competitor in the world of professional wrestling.

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