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Garrison Brown’s Last Texts Worried Janelle Before Suicide Garrison Brown’s Last Texts Worried Janelle Before Suicide


Garrison Brown’s Last Texts Worried Janelle Before Suicide

Written by: Cassondra Rhea

Get the latest news on the tragic story of Garrison Brown's last texts that worried Janelle before her untimely suicide. Stay informed with the latest updates.

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Table of Contents

Janelle Brown, a star of the reality show “Sister Wives,” was deeply concerned about her son, Garrison Brown, after receiving troubling texts from him before his tragic death. The messages he sent to a group of people close to the family were described as ominous, expressing his longing for past good times. This led Janelle to reach out to Garrison, but their conversation was cut short when he stopped responding. This prompted Janelle to send one of her other children, Gabriel, to check on Garrison, only to discover the heartbreaking truth upon arrival.

Key Takeaway

Garrison Brown’s final texts raised concerns for his mother, Janelle Brown, before his untimely passing. The family and roommates were unaware of the severity of his struggles, highlighting the importance of mental health awareness and support.

Roommates Unaware of the Tragedy

Surprisingly, despite hearing a noise the night before, Garrison’s roommates did not investigate the source and were unaware of the gravity of the situation until Gabriel found his brother’s lifeless body. It was a devastating realization for the household, as they had not realized the extent of Garrison’s struggles, particularly with alcohol.

Family Estrangement and Tragic Loss

Further adding to the tragedy, Janelle revealed to the authorities that Garrison was estranged from his father, Kody. This heartbreaking loss has left the family and fans in mourning, as Garrison’s promising life was cut short at the age of 25.

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