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Biden’s Dog Commander Bit Secret Service Agents 24 Times Biden’s Dog Commander Bit Secret Service Agents 24 Times


Biden’s Dog Commander Bit Secret Service Agents 24 Times

Written by: Rebekkah Spalding

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President Biden’s family dog, Commander, has been involved in a series of biting incidents, with Secret Service agents being bitten on at least two dozen occasions. This startling revelation comes from internal Secret Service documents obtained by CNN, which show that the biting incidents occurred not only at the White House but also at two Biden family homes in Delaware, as well as during trips to Nantucket and Camp David.

Key Takeaway

President Biden’s dog, Commander, has bitten Secret Service agents on at least 24 occasions, leading to the dog’s removal from the White House and a need for adjustments in the Secret Service’s operational tactics.

Secret Service’s Response

As a result of these biting incidents, the Secret Service had to modify their tactics when Commander was present, and in an internal memo, they emphasized the need to give the dog plenty of room and to be creative in ensuring their own safety. The documents also revealed that in at least 10 instances, the bitten Secret Service agents required medical treatment due to the severity of the bites.

Commander’s Removal from the White House

Commander’s aggressive behavior ultimately led to his removal from the White House in October. Despite the Secret Service initially acknowledging only 11 biting incidents, the newly obtained documents shed light on the full extent of the issue, which also included attacks on members of the White House staff.

Biden Family’s Reaction

Following Commander’s departure from the White House, the Bidens expressed feeling “awful” and “heartbroken” over the dog’s behavior. Currently, Commander is residing with Biden family friends in Delaware.

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