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President Joe Biden’s Generous Tip At Mexican Restaurant In L.A. President Joe Biden’s Generous Tip At Mexican Restaurant In L.A.


President Joe Biden’s Generous Tip At Mexican Restaurant In L.A.

Written by: Blaire Ye

President Joe Biden's generous tip at a Mexican restaurant in L.A. makes headlines. Stay updated with the latest news.

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President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to a Mexican restaurant in the Baldwin Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. The President, along with Mayor Karen Bass and their teams, stopped by CJ’s Cafe for a meal during his visit to the city. Despite the restaurant being known for its Mexican cuisine, President Biden opted for a classic breakfast burrito, accompanied by a refreshing orange juice. Mayor Karen Bass, on the other hand, enjoyed a plate of scrambled eggs with cheese, tomatoes, and toast.

Key Takeaway

President Joe Biden left a generous $20 tip in cash for the restaurant staff, showcasing his appreciation for the service and spreading some goodwill during his visit.

A Generous Gesture

After the meal, President Biden and Mayor Bass settled their bills separately, with their respective teams taking care of the payments. However, the President went a step further by leaving a $20 tip for the restaurant staff, paying in cash. The total bill for his meal was approximately $30, and President Biden’s kind gesture did not go unnoticed by the restaurant’s patrons and staff.

A Memorable Visit

During his visit, President Biden also took the time to interact with the managers and owners of CJ’s Cafe, posing for photos and engaging with the local community. Despite the impromptu nature of his visit, the restaurant continued to operate as usual, and patrons were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet the President.

Continuing the Journey

Following his meal at the Mexican restaurant, President Biden proceeded to deliver a speech at a local library before continuing his visit in Los Angeles. The President’s presence in the City of Angels created a buzz, with onlookers eager to catch a glimpse of the distinguished guest. As his California tour continues, President Biden is expected to conclude his visit before returning to Washington, D.C., to resume his official duties.

President Biden’s unexpected stop at CJ’s Cafe not only provided a memorable experience for the restaurant and its patrons but also highlighted his willingness to engage with local communities and support small businesses during his travels.

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