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Brandi Glanville Demands Personal Apology From Andy Cohen Brandi Glanville Demands Personal Apology From Andy Cohen


Brandi Glanville Demands Personal Apology From Andy Cohen

Written by: Deb Dow

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Brandi Glanville is not backing down in her demand for a personal apology from Andy Cohen, the Bravo honcho, over her sexual harassment claims. She expressed her disappointment with Cohen’s public apology and insists that she deserves a personal apology.

Key Takeaway

Brandi Glanville is adamant about receiving a personal apology from Andy Cohen, as she continues to stand by her allegations of mistreatment and inappropriate behavior.

Brandi’s Response

Brandi Glanville took to social media to criticize Andy Cohen’s apology, stating that she has not received a personal apology from anyone. She specifically addressed Cohen’s tweet, in which he apologized to his fans for his mistreatment of her, but failed to offer a direct apology to her.

The Allegations

Last week, Brandi Glanville’s lawyers sent a demand letter to NBC Universal, threatening a lawsuit on her behalf. In the letter, she made serious allegations against Andy Cohen, claiming that he had behaved inappropriately towards her. This included an incident where Cohen allegedly made plans to engage in a questionable activity while inviting her to witness it via FaceTime.

Andy Cohen’s Response

Andy Cohen responded to Brandi’s claims, dismissing them as a joke that she had blown out of proportion. He acknowledged that the situation was inappropriate and issued an apology, despite suggesting that Brandi had initially appeared to be in on the joke.

Unexpected Attacks

Sources close to the situation revealed that Brandi’s recent attacks against Andy Cohen seemed unexpected, as she had not spoken out about the issue for two years. It was only when she became embroiled in harassment accusations from another Bravo star that she shifted her focus towards Cohen.

Legal Action

Brandi’s legal team, led by prominent lawyers Mark Geragos and Bryan Freedman, detailed the reasons behind her contemplation of legal action. They emphasized her loyalty to NBCU and alleged mistreatment in return, indicating her readiness to pursue a legal battle to address the situation.

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