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Don Lemon’s $24.5 Million Payout After Leaving CNN Don Lemon’s $24.5 Million Payout After Leaving CNN


Don Lemon’s $24.5 Million Payout After Leaving CNN

Written by: Hinda Stenger

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Don Lemon, the former CNN anchor, has reportedly received a substantial payout of $24.5 million following his departure from the cable news network. This significant sum comes almost a year after his termination from CNN, and it has sparked widespread interest and speculation.

Key Takeaway

Don Lemon reportedly received a payout of $24.5 million upon leaving CNN, sparking both interest and controversy regarding the terms of his departure.

The Deal and the Controversy

According to The Wrap, Lemon’s exit package has been the subject of negotiation between him and CNN for some time. The finalized amount of $24.5 million is particularly noteworthy as it allegedly matches the value of the remainder of his contract had he been allowed to continue working at CNN. Despite this report, CNN has disputed the figure, stating that it is inaccurate without providing further details.

Looking Ahead

Despite the controversy surrounding his departure, Lemon has moved on to a new venture with X for a show similar to Tucker Carlson’s. This transition comes after a period of upheaval at CNN, with Chris Licht, the individual responsible for Lemon’s termination, also being ousted from the network. As Lemon embarks on this new chapter, he has secured a substantial financial settlement and appears to be in a favorable position.

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