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Drea De Matteo Embraces ‘Mob Wife Aesthetic’ Trend From TikTok Drea De Matteo Embraces ‘Mob Wife Aesthetic’ Trend From TikTok


Drea De Matteo Embraces ‘Mob Wife Aesthetic’ Trend From TikTok

Written by: Wandis Mcauliffe

Discover how Drea De Matteo is embracing the 'Mob Wife Aesthetic' trend from TikTok. Get the latest news on her style and more.

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Drea De Matteo, best known for her role as Adriana La Cerva on the iconic HBO series ‘The Sopranos’, is once again in the spotlight as she becomes the face of the trending ‘mob wife aesthetic’ on TikTok. The actress recently shared her thoughts on this resurgence of her character’s fashion choices and how it feels to see her old wardrobe back in pop culture.

Key Takeaway

Drea De Matteo, known for her role in ‘The Sopranos’, is embracing the resurgence of the ‘mob wife aesthetic’ trend on TikTok, enjoying the opportunity to revisit her character’s iconic fashion choices while preparing to launch her own fashion line.

Embracing the Trend

Drea expressed her excitement in embracing the trend, enjoying the opportunity to dress up in a style reminiscent of her character, Adriana. This includes incorporating lots of animal prints and faux furs into her outfits, a look she was about to showcase in a photo shoot in Little Italy.

Real Life vs. Trend

While Drea is having fun with the TikTok trend, she clarified that it does not reflect her personal style. In fact, she is preparing to launch her own fashion line called Ultrafree. However, she is happy to lean into the ‘mob wife aesthetic’ trend as long as it remains popular, especially with other celebrities like Dua Lipa and Jennifer Lopez also embracing the look.

Looking Ahead

Although the trend was sparked by the 25th anniversary of ‘The Sopranos’, Drea expressed her desire to move away from the ‘mob wife’ label and instead focus on something more empowering and independent. She hinted at having a few ideas in mind for this new direction.

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