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Isaiah Stewart Arrested For Allegedly Punching Drew Eubanks Isaiah Stewart Arrested For Allegedly Punching Drew Eubanks


Isaiah Stewart Arrested For Allegedly Punching Drew Eubanks

Written by: Trixi Darling

Stay updated with the latest news on Isaiah Stewart's arrest for allegedly punching Drew Eubanks. Get the details and reactions now. #news

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Pistons center Isaiah Stewart was arrested for allegedly assaulting Suns forward Drew Eubanks during an altercation before Detroit’s game against Phoenix on Wednesday. The alleged incident took place in a parking tunnel at Footprint Arena in Arizona, approximately an hour before the game began, according to the Phoenix Police Department.

Key Takeaway

Isaiah Stewart’s arrest for allegedly assaulting Drew Eubanks has sparked attention and concern within the NBA community, prompting a response from the Pistons, NBA officials, and fellow players.

Alleged Altercation

According to the Phoenix Police Department, witnesses reported that the verbal altercation between Stewart and Eubanks turned physical, with Stewart allegedly punching Eubanks and causing a minor injury. Security personnel intervened and separated the two athletes, bringing an end to the fight. Stewart was subsequently arrested for assault and issued a citation. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Response from the Pistons and NBA

The Pistons acknowledged the incident and stated that they are gathering information about the altercation and its circumstances. They also mentioned that they are cooperating with the NBA and local authorities in addressing the situation.

Kevin Durant’s Comments

Following the game, Kevin Durant, who now plays for the Suns, commented on the situation, describing it as “unfortunate.” He expressed support for Drew Eubanks, emphasizing the importance of unity within the league while acknowledging that conflicts can arise.

Background of the Athletes

Isaiah Stewart, a first-round pick in 2020, has been making significant contributions to the Pistons, averaging 11 points and 6.8 rebounds per game this season. He gained widespread attention in 2021 after an altercation with LeBron James during a game. Drew Eubanks, who joined the Suns last year, previously played for the Blazers and Spurs and is currently averaging 5.7 points per game.

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