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Andrew Scott Faces Homophobic Questioning At BAFTA’s Andrew Scott Faces Homophobic Questioning At BAFTA’s


Andrew Scott Faces Homophobic Questioning At BAFTA’s

Written by: Marya Eide

Discover the latest news as Andrew Scott confronts homophobic questioning at the BAFTA's, sparking a powerful conversation about LGBTQ+ representation in the industry. Stay informed with our coverage.

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A BBC reporter is under fire for asking Andrew Scott about a fellow actor’s nude scene, sparking accusations of homophobia. During an interview at the BAFTA’s, BBC entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson questioned Scott about Barry Keoghan’s naked dance sequence in “Saltburn,” leading to an uncomfortable exchange.

Key Takeaway

Andrew Scott faced inappropriate and homophobic questioning during an interview at the BAFTA’s, sparking backlash and criticism online. The incident has raised concerns about the treatment of LGBTQ+ individuals in the media.

Uncomfortable Questioning

Scott, who is openly gay, appeared visibly uncomfortable as Paterson pressed him about the scene. Despite Scott’s attempts to navigate the awkward line of questioning, Paterson continued to push the issue, even making insinuations about prosthetics and personal relationships.

Backlash and Criticism

The interview sparked outrage online, with many condemning Paterson’s line of questioning as disrespectful and inappropriate. People expressed their support for Scott and criticized the BBC correspondent for his handling of the interview.

Response and Aftermath

As of now, the BBC has not addressed the criticism, and Paterson has not commented on the incident. Despite the uncomfortable questioning, Scott handled the situation with grace, maintaining his composure while promoting his film “All Of Us Strangers” at the event.

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