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Jalen Brunson’s Dad Playfully Trolls Him During 3-Point Contest Jalen Brunson’s Dad Playfully Trolls Him During 3-Point Contest


Jalen Brunson’s Dad Playfully Trolls Him During 3-Point Contest

Written by: Marlena Shockey

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Jalen Brunson, the New York Knicks star, recently shared a lighthearted moment from the All-Star weekend, revealing that his own father, who is a Knicks coach, called him an “f’ing bum” while he was competing in the 3-point challenge. This playful banter took place as Jalen was participating in the 3-point shooting contest alongside other talented shooters like Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, and Trae Young.

Key Takeaway

Jalen Brunson’s dad, Rick, playfully teased his son during the 3-point contest, creating a heartwarming and supportive moment between the two, showcasing their close bond and shared love for the game.

Family Banter at All-Star Weekend

During the intense competition, Jalen overheard a familiar voice behind the bench heckling him. To his surprise, it was his dad, Rick, who didn’t hold back in teasing his son. Jalen humorously recounted the moment when he heard his dad’s playful taunt, creating a light-hearted and memorable experience for both of them.

Supportive Teasing and Proud Moments

Not only did Rick playfully call out Jalen, but he also teased him for missing shots, adding to the fun atmosphere. Jalen’s friend and teammate, Josh Hart, found the exchange amusing and joined in on the light-hearted banter, creating a supportive and jovial environment for the Knicks star.

A Proud Father’s Love

Despite the playful teasing, it’s evident that Rick is incredibly proud of his son’s achievements. Jalen shared a heartwarming message from his father, expressing his admiration for Jalen’s success and acknowledging the reversal of roles, where he now looks up to his son with pride.

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