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Tragic Death In Compton: Pit Bull Breeder Suggests Preventive Measures Tragic Death In Compton: Pit Bull Breeder Suggests Preventive Measures


Tragic Death In Compton: Pit Bull Breeder Suggests Preventive Measures

Written by: Conni Hammett

Stay informed with the latest news on a tragic death in Compton. Learn about preventive measures suggested by a pit bull breeder. Keep up with the latest developments.

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Tragedy struck in Compton, California, when a dog owner was fatally mauled by his own pit bulls. The incident, which occurred last Thursday, has sparked discussions about the safety measures that could have been taken to prevent such a devastating outcome.

Key Takeaway

Tragic incidents involving pit bulls prompt discussions about responsible dog ownership and the importance of preventive measures, as suggested by a prominent pit bull breeder in the aftermath of a fatal mauling in Compton, California.

Pit Bull Breeder’s Perspective

Big Gemini Kennels, a prominent pit bull breeder in the Los Angeles dog community, has weighed in on the incident. According to the breeder, the victim may have taken on more than he could handle by attempting to manage a large number of dogs, including several puppies. The breeder suggests that handling 13 dogs at once, especially during feeding time, could have contributed to the tragic event.

Big Gemini Kennels emphasizes that managing a large pack of dogs, particularly during feeding, can lead to heightened food aggression. The breeder theorizes that a dispute over food among the dogs may have escalated, ultimately resulting in the fatal mauling.

Preventive Measures

The breeder suggests that the victim could have potentially avoided the tragedy by implementing certain preventive measures. Big Gemini Kennels recommends the consideration of splitting the dogs into smaller groups during feeding, rather than feeding all 13 dogs at once. Additionally, the breeder highlights the importance of proper management and supervision when handling a significant number of dogs.

Euthanization of Dogs

Following the tragic incident, the pit bulls involved were euthanized. Big Gemini Kennels acknowledges the necessity of this action, expressing concerns about the potential risks the dogs could pose to future families. While the breeder believes that the puppies could have been rehabilitated, they also recognize the decision made by L.A. County authorities.

Addressing Public Concerns

In the wake of this distressing event, Big Gemini Kennels has addressed concerns about pit bull attacks. The breeder emphasizes that responsible ownership and proper upbringing play crucial roles in preventing such incidents. They urge the public to focus on the importance of how dogs are raised, rather than solely attributing blame to the breed itself.

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