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Maitland Ward Opens Up About ‘Boy Meets World’ Guest Star Maitland Ward Opens Up About ‘Boy Meets World’ Guest Star


Maitland Ward Opens Up About ‘Boy Meets World’ Guest Star

Written by: Kally Mayle

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Maitland Ward, known for her role in “Boy Meets World,” recently shared her unsettling experience with guest star Brian Peck. The former Disney star revealed that she had a strange feeling about Peck during their time on set, long before his criminal activities came to light.

Key Takeaway

Maitland Ward shared her unsettling experience with “Boy Meets World” guest star Brian Peck, shedding light on the importance of addressing concerning behavior and supporting survivors.

Maitland’s Encounter with Brian Peck

During a recent interview in Beverly Hills, Maitland Ward disclosed her encounters with Brian Peck, who was later convicted of child sexual abuse. She expressed her suspicions about Peck’s behavior, noting that he often sought the company of the younger cast members, such as Rider Strong and Will Friedle, despite the significant age gap.

Maitland recalled feeling that Peck was possessive of the cast and seemed to have ulterior motives for befriending them. She also mentioned that Rider Strong and Will Friedle recently addressed the issue on their “Pod Meets World” podcast, expressing remorse for their association with Peck.

Unveiling Brian Peck’s Conviction

Brian Peck faced legal consequences for his actions and served time in prison after being accused of molesting a young Nickelodeon star. His disturbing story is set to be featured in an upcoming documentary, shedding light on the darker side of the entertainment industry.

Maitland’s Perspective

Despite not being aware of Peck’s criminal activities at the time, Maitland Ward emphasized that she had always found his behavior unsettling. She commended her former colleagues for addressing the issue and bringing attention to the disturbing reality of the situation.

Maitland also hinted at her reluctance to join the podcast discussion due to her current career in the adult film industry.

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