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Micah Parsons Praises Patrick Mahomes After Super Bowl Win Micah Parsons Praises Patrick Mahomes After Super Bowl Win


Micah Parsons Praises Patrick Mahomes After Super Bowl Win

Written by: Gennie Blaylock

Read the latest news as Micah Parsons praises Patrick Mahomes following his Super Bowl win. Stay updated with the latest sports highlights and commentary.

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Dallas Cowboys pass rusher Micah Parsons had high praise for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes following the Chiefs’ recent Super Bowl victory. Parsons expressed his belief that Mahomes should now be considered one of the greatest players in NFL history, especially after securing his third Super Bowl title. Parsons made these comments as he was leaving Allegiant Stadium after Kansas City’s thrilling win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Key Takeaway

Micah Parsons lauded Patrick Mahomes, asserting that the quarterback’s third Super Bowl win has elevated him to an unprecedented level of greatness in the NFL. Parsons also reiterated his support for Dak Prescott as the preferred quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Mahomes’ Legendary Status

Parsons emphasized that Mahomes had already earned legendary status prior to the Super Bowl, but with his third championship win, he believes Mahomes has reached a “whole ‘nother level.” The Dallas star highlighted Mahomes’ exceptional career achievements, including three Super Bowl titles, two MVP awards, six Pro Bowl appearances, and two All-Pro selections. Parsons, who has faced Mahomes only once in his career, is convinced that Mahomes’ accomplishments place him in the same league as legendary quarterback Tom Brady.

Parsons’ Quarterback Preference

When asked about his preferred quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Parsons expressed his continued support for Dak Prescott, indicating that he is still a fan of the current Cowboys quarterback.

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