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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ Home Targeted In Attempted Break-In Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ Home Targeted In Attempted Break-In


Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ Home Targeted In Attempted Break-In

Written by: Essa Turcotte

Stay updated with the latest news on the attempted break-in at Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' home. Get the details and stay informed.

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Reality TV star Jenelle Evans recently experienced a frightening ordeal at her home in North Carolina. The incident involved an attempted break-in, leaving Jenelle and her family understandably shaken.

Key Takeaway

Jenelle Evans and her family were left shaken after an attempted break-in at their home in North Carolina. Law enforcement is actively investigating the incident to ensure the safety of the reality TV star and her loved ones.

Jenelle’s Terrifying Experience

Jenelle Evans, known for her appearance on “Teen Mom,” found herself at the center of a harrowing event when an unidentified individual tried to force entry into her residence. Although Jenelle and her children are safe, the incident has understandably left them feeling unsettled.

Law Enforcement Response

Local law enforcement swiftly responded to the situation, with the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office confirming the attempted breaking and entering at Jenelle’s home. According to reports, the suspect fled the property upon the deputy’s arrival. The deputy discovered that the individual had attempted to gain access to the home through the back, subsequently causing damage to the lock. Additionally, the intruder proceeded to throw Jenelle’s personal belongings into the yard from the garage.

Ongoing Investigation

The authorities have assured the public that an investigation is currently underway to apprehend the perpetrator. Despite the terrifying nature of the incident, Jenelle is grateful for the support from the local community and law enforcement as they work towards ensuring the safety of her family and bringing the individual to justice.

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