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Bradley Cooper Reveals He’s Comfortable Being Naked At Home Bradley Cooper Reveals He’s Comfortable Being Naked At Home


Bradley Cooper Reveals He’s Comfortable Being Naked At Home

Written by: Katheryn Bhakta

Get the latest news on Bradley Cooper as he opens up about being comfortable being naked at home. Stay updated with the latest celebrity news.

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Bradley Cooper, the Oscar-nominated actor, recently shared some interesting details about his personal life. During an episode of Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast, Cooper revealed that he is often completely nude at home. This revelation has sparked a lot of interest and amusement among his fans and the public.

Key Takeaway

Bradley Cooper’s recent revelation about being comfortable with nudity at home has sparked amusement and interest. His candid discussion on the podcast provided a glimpse into his relaxed approach to personal privacy and family dynamics.

Openness About Nudity

Cooper’s candid discussion on the podcast shed light on his comfort with nudity in his own home. He mentioned that his living space in New York has an open floor plan, where the bedroom and bathroom are essentially part of the same room without many doors. This setup has led to some amusing and unexpected interactions, such as his daughter Lea talking to him while he’s naked. Cooper also humorously shared that his conversations with his partner, model Gigi Hadid, often take place while he is on the toilet and she is in the bathtub.

Family and Upbringing

Cooper also reflected on his upbringing, mentioning that he never saw his father on the toilet but was accustomed to being around his father while he was naked. This openness and comfort with nudity seem to be a part of his family’s culture, as he acknowledged that the Cooper family has no hang-ups with nudity, describing it as “very European.”

Light-hearted Response

Despite the humorous and casual nature of his revelations, Cooper’s openness about being naked at home has sparked some practical suggestions from the public. Some have jokingly advised him to consider investing in tinted windows to maintain his privacy and keep curious onlookers at bay.

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