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Usher’s Vegas After-Party: Roller-Skating Fun And Possible Newlyweds Usher’s Vegas After-Party: Roller-Skating Fun And Possible Newlyweds


Usher’s Vegas After-Party: Roller-Skating Fun And Possible Newlyweds

Written by: Shanda Papa

Get the latest news on Usher's Vegas after-party, featuring roller-skating fun and possible newlyweds. Stay updated with all the exciting details.

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Usher, the headlining act of Super Bowl LVIII, kept the party going at an after-party in Las Vegas. The event, hosted at Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace inside Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las Vegas, was a star-studded affair with performances from Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Diplo, and Hardy.

Key Takeaway

Usher’s after-party in Vegas was a roller-skating extravaganza, with the artist showcasing his smooth moves on the rink. The event also sparked speculation about Usher’s marital status, adding an air of mystery to the star-studded celebration.

Roller-Skating Extravaganza

Usher, known for his epic halftime performance, was spotted at the after-party donning roller skates and effortlessly gliding around the dance floor. The celebration also marked the recognition of his new album, “Coming Home,” and the 30th anniversary of Snoop and Dre’s “Gin & Juice.”

A Star-Studded Affair

The event saw the attendance of numerous big-time stars including Andra Day, Big Boy, Draymond Green, Flavor Flav, Gabrielle Union, Ludacris, Megan Fox, Ne-Yo, Tiffany Haddish, and many more.

Possible Newlyweds

Speculation arose about Usher’s marital status as he was seen enjoying the company of his longtime partner, Jennifer Goicoechea, at the event. Reports of the couple obtaining a marriage license in Clark County added fuel to the rumors, although no official confirmation of their nuptials has been made public.

Celebration and Speculation

Regardless of the marital speculation, the after-party was a celebration of Usher’s Super Bowl performance, his new album, and the possibility of a new chapter in his personal life. With his smooth moves and undeniable talent, Usher continues to captivate audiences both on and off the stage.

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