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Jamie Lynn Spears Attends Christina Aguilera’s Vegas Residency Jamie Lynn Spears Attends Christina Aguilera’s Vegas Residency


Jamie Lynn Spears Attends Christina Aguilera’s Vegas Residency

Written by: Tamra Wisdom

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It’s not quite sleeping with the enemy, but Jamie Lynn Spears is raising some eyebrows by attending Christina Aguilera’s concert Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Key Takeaway

Jamie Lynn Spears attending Christina Aguilera’s concert in Las Vegas has sparked speculations about her relationship with Britney Spears and the dynamics within their family.

Britney’s Longtime Nemesis

Of course, Britney Spears’ longtime nemesis has a residency at the Venetian in Sin City, and there are pics and videos making the rounds on social media … purportedly showing Brit’s kid sis at the show.

Tickets and Connections

If Jamie Lynn got her tickets like a normie … it was no easy feat. Christina’s show is sold out, unless you go through a scalping site. Some of those tickets are going for up to $1500. But, since Brit and Xtina go way back — to their Mickey Mouse Club days — it’s likely Jamie Lynn might have been able to pull a few strings.

Family Dynamics

The question is … how will Britney feel about it? There were signs a few months ago, she was making peace with family members — including Jamie Lynn and their mother, Lynn. It’s unclear where they stand right now, but hopefully she doesn’t view Jamie Lynn’s choice of entertainment as a diss.

Rivalry and History

While the rivalry between the pop princesses was mostly in the heads of fans, Brit has definitely felt some sorta way about Christina in the past. Back in 2021, she dragged Christina for not speaking out about her conservatorship — and, last year, when Brit’s childhood home in Louisiana went on the market … it included an OG furnishing with the words “Christina sucks, Brit rules” scribbled in black marker.

Speculations and Reconciliation

A few months ago we saw Jamie Lynn at at LAX, where she stayed silent on whether she’d smoothed things over with Britney — but she might have ‘splaining to do with sis, now.

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