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Adele Reveals The Story Behind Her Famous Courtside Meme Adele Reveals The Story Behind Her Famous Courtside Meme


Adele Reveals The Story Behind Her Famous Courtside Meme

Written by: Genia Tilton

Get the latest news as Adele shares the story behind her viral courtside meme. Discover the details behind the iconic moment in her own words. Stay updated with the latest celebrity news.

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Adele has finally opened up about the viral meme of her making a funny face at the NBA All-Star game, and it turns out there’s an interesting story behind it. The singer explained the situation during her Vegas residency, shedding light on what has become one of the most famous Adele memes.

Key Takeaway

Adele’s now-famous courtside meme stemmed from her discomfort with being filmed by an NBA crew, leading to her playful defiance and aloof reaction, which has since become a viral sensation.

Adele’s Unwillingness to be Filmed

During the event, an NBA film crew had asked for permission to record her, which she politely declined due to her discomfort with being in the spotlight. Despite her refusal, the crew went ahead and filmed her anyway, much to her dismay. This led to her decision to play it cool and avoid engaging with the camera, resulting in the now-viral moment.

Defiance Against the NBA

Adele’s decision to act aloof and scan the arena instead of acknowledging the camera was her way of expressing defiance against the NBA for disregarding her wishes. She made it clear that she was not pleased with the situation and chose to react in her own way.

Adele’s Humorous Take on the Situation

Despite the awkwardness of the moment, Adele has managed to find humor in the situation, emphasizing that her reaction was a form of sulking and defiance. She also addressed the speculation about her lips, asserting that they are all-natural and dismissing the need for fillers.

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