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Mischa Barton Reveals She Dated Ben McKenzie While On ‘The O.C.’ Mischa Barton Reveals She Dated Ben McKenzie While On ‘The O.C.’


Mischa Barton Reveals She Dated Ben McKenzie While On ‘The O.C.’

Written by: Martina Conti

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Mischa Barton, known for her role in ‘The O.C.’, recently disclosed that she was in a relationship with her co-star Ben McKenzie during the show. In a podcast interview, she mentioned that this relationship took place when she was underage, which she described as a “complicated” period.

Key Takeaway

Mischa Barton disclosed that she dated her ‘The O.C.’ co-star Ben McKenzie while she was underage, shedding light on the complexities she faced during her early career in the spotlight.

Real-Life Romance

During the podcast “Call Her Daddy,” Barton revealed that the on-screen chemistry between her and Ben McKenzie extended off-screen as well. She stated that this relationship began when she first joined the show at the age of 17. At that time, Ben McKenzie was in his mid-20s. Barton admitted that she had limited prior dating experience before getting involved with McKenzie.

Concerns and Complications

The significant age gap between Barton and McKenzie raised concerns among the show’s producers. Barton claimed that the producers even contacted her parents, turning the situation into a complex ordeal. She also mentioned that her relationship with McKenzie was relatively short-lived, and hinted at the possibility of her dating other co-stars during her time on ‘The O.C.’

Challenges of Early Stardom

Barton’s revelations shed light on the challenges she faced while working on the series, indicating that her experience was not without its difficulties. She emphasized the need to mature quickly while navigating the complexities of being a young actress in the 2000s.

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