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Bobbi Althoff And Cory Althoff Settle Their Divorce Bobbi Althoff And Cory Althoff Settle Their Divorce


Bobbi Althoff And Cory Althoff Settle Their Divorce

Written by: Madel Pohl

Get the latest news on the divorce settlement between Bobbi Althoff and Cory Althoff. Stay updated with the latest developments in this high-profile case.

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Bobbi Althoff and her estranged husband, Cory Althoff, have come to a swift resolution in their divorce proceedings, as revealed in recent court documents. The couple’s divorce, which made headlines just a few weeks ago, has seemingly reached a conclusion at an impressive pace.

Key Takeaway

Bobbi Althoff and Cory Althoff have swiftly reached a divorce settlement, demonstrating an amicable approach to resolving their marital differences.

The Settlement

According to the obtained court documents, Bobbi Althoff states that she and Cory Althoff have “reached a global marital settlement agreement” and have successfully addressed all matters concerning property rights. While Bobbi has requested joint legal and physical custody of their two children, further details regarding the settlement remain undisclosed in the documents. Additionally, she has indicated that each party will be responsible for their respective attorney’s fees.


Earlier this month, Cory Althoff initiated the divorce process after approximately four years of marriage. Both parties cited irreconcilable differences, expressed their desire for joint legal and physical custody, and sought to preclude the court from granting spousal support.

Amicable Resolution

Despite the challenges often associated with high-profile divorces, it appears that Bobbi and Cory Althoff have managed to find common ground, aligning their intentions throughout the settlement process. Sources close to the couple have suggested that the decision to part ways stemmed from disparities in their lifestyle preferences, rather than any sensationalized rumors or external factors.


Although the divorce has yet to receive official approval from a judge, the amicable nature of the settlement indicates that the process is nearing its conclusion. While the divorce is not yet finalized, it seems that the official dissolution of their marriage is imminent.

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