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Hoda Kotb Offers Redo To Kelly Rowland After ‘Today’ Set Incident Hoda Kotb Offers Redo To Kelly Rowland After ‘Today’ Set Incident


Hoda Kotb Offers Redo To Kelly Rowland After ‘Today’ Set Incident

Written by: Gilli Darr

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Hoda Kotb is willing to let bygones be bygones after Kelly Rowland walked off the “Today” set last week. In fact, she’s ready to bury the hatchet even further with a whole redo! The morning news host told ET Wednesday that despite the disappointment of having Kelly bail, she’s willing to give it another shot. Hoda has been texting with Kelly since Thursday to get her to come back for a future hosting date.

Key Takeaway

Hoda Kotb is willing to mend fences with Kelly Rowland after the latter’s abrupt departure from the “Today” set, and is open to giving her another chance to host the show.

Kelly Rowland’s Status

So far, no word on whether KR will give the “Today” show another go, but if she does, they’re clearly gonna have to touch up all their dressing rooms and give her their best one.

Co-hosts’ Comments

In Kelly’s defense, HK’s other cohosts — Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie — also admitted their dressing rooms suck and need to be worked on. They also explained that they’re in an old, historic building and that it shows. JBH joked in this ET interview that she’s gonna be doing all the re-wallpapering because she loves a bit of interior design. Unclear if it’s actually gonna happen or not though.

Reason Behind Kelly’s Departure

Sources told us Kelly and her team weren’t feeling her dressing room’s vibe from the jump during last week’s appearance and that they ended up bolting from the studio after a game of musical dressing rooms, as none of them were up to Kelly’s standards. There were other reports she left over a Beyoncé grilling by Savannah, but we know that just wasn’t the case.


If Kelly does come back, it sounds like Hoda and co. are gonna have to roll out the red carpet and give her the VIP treatment she demands — and it seems they’re inclined to do that the way all the “Today” talent is talking about this in the aftermath.

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