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Boston Rob: From ‘Survivor’ Star To Family Man Boston Rob: From ‘Survivor’ Star To Family Man


Boston Rob: From ‘Survivor’ Star To Family Man

Written by: Kara-Lynn Laguna

Discover the latest news on Boston Rob's journey from 'Survivor' star to devoted family man. Stay updated on his inspiring story and personal milestones.

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American television personality Robert Mariano, also known as “Boston Rob,” rose to fame at the age of 26 with his cunning Boston charm and willingness to play strategically on the reality TV show “Survivor” in 2002.

Key Takeaway

Boston Rob, also known as Robert Mariano, gained fame through his appearances on “Survivor” and has since transitioned to a family-focused life while continuing his television career.

A Survivor Icon

Boston Rob holds the record for the most appearances on the “Survivor” franchise and claimed victory in 2011’s “Survivor Redemption Island.” One of his most memorable moments on the show was his proposal to Amber Brkich during the final 2 standing in season 8.

Family Life

Today, Boston Rob and his wife, Amber Brkich, have four children together. Despite his success on “Survivor,” he has transitioned to other television appearances, including the current season of “Deal Or No Deal Island.”

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