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Devin Booker Spotted In Kendall Jenner’s Super Bowl Suite Devin Booker Spotted In Kendall Jenner’s Super Bowl Suite


Devin Booker Spotted In Kendall Jenner’s Super Bowl Suite

Written by: Monah Converse

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Kendall Jenner was seen enjoying the Super Bowl weekend in Vegas, and it seems her ex, Devin Booker, made an appearance in her suite. This has sparked speculation about their relationship status, especially considering her recent hangout with Bad Bunny.

Key Takeaway

Devin Booker’s unexpected presence in Kendall Jenner’s Super Bowl suite has sparked speculations about their relationship, especially in the context of her recent interactions with Bad Bunny.

Kendall’s Super Bowl Suite Surprise

During the Super Bowl weekend, a photo posted by Michael Rubin’s daughter, Kylie, caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans. The picture showed Kylie sitting next to Will Makris, with Devin Booker casually chilling in the back. This unexpected sighting of Kendall’s ex in her suite has stirred up quite a buzz.

Bad Bunny’s Separate Hangout

Meanwhile, Bad Bunny was spotted in a completely different part of the stadium, hanging out with Lizzo’s crew in a private suite. This has raised questions about Kendall’s recent interactions with Bad Bunny, following their reported split a couple of months ago.

Speculations and Relationship Status

With Kendall’s recent sighting with Bad Bunny and now Devin’s surprise appearance in her Super Bowl suite, speculations about her romantic life are rife. The dynamics of her relationships with both individuals have left fans wondering about the current status of her love life.

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