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Kim Kardashian’s Super Bowl Suite Vs Taylor Swift’s: A Stark Contrast Kim Kardashian’s Super Bowl Suite Vs Taylor Swift’s: A Stark Contrast


Kim Kardashian’s Super Bowl Suite Vs Taylor Swift’s: A Stark Contrast

Written by: Tatiania Berge

Discover the latest news on Kim Kardashian's Super Bowl suite and Taylor Swift's contrasting experiences. Stay updated with the latest celebrity buzz.

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No shocker that Kim Kardashian locked down a luxury suite at the Super Bowl, and even had it filled with A-listers — but what is surprising is how NOT lit it was compared to Taylor Swift’s. The photos showing off their respective suites are out, and we gotta say … the KarJenner box — at least for some parts of the game — comes across as a little bit of a snooze fest when ya see the lively scene in T-Swift’s area.

Key Takeaway

The comparison between Kim Kardashian’s Super Bowl suite and Taylor Swift’s revealed a stark contrast in the atmosphere and energy, shedding light on the ongoing tension between the two celebrities.

The Suites: A Tale of Two Vibes

In Kim’s suite, there are people slumped over and leaning on their hands as if they’re just running out the clock — and one dude in there looks like he’s about to take a long nap. The opposite vibe was happening across the way at Tay Tay’s suite … where Blake Lively, Ice Spice, Miles Teller and a few other stars were losing their minds and celebrating a ton. Of course, Taylor herself was leading the charge on the partying … pounding beers, etc.

Star-Studded But Quiet

Kim’s suite was just as star-studded, of course, with Justin and Hailey Bieber and other KarJenner sisters, Russell Wilson and Ciara, La La Anthony, Texans QB C.J. Stroud, Winnie Harlow and Michael Rubin all attending, but things looked sorta quiet.

A Notable Contrast

Now, this ain’t a competition or anything — but the differences are notable because of the history of bad blood between Taylor and Kim … which, as we recently learned, is still fresh on T-Swift’s mind, something she commented on in her TIME Person of the Year cover story. As we reported … Taylor said she still feels like Kanye/Kim were wrong over the whole 2016 recorded-convo thing — and even today, it sounds like she’d appreciate an apology.

Notable Omission

One last thing we’ll point out about the Super Bowl suites — when the CBS broadcast went around highlighting the different stars at Allegiant Stadium, they conspicuously did NOT cut to the Kardashians and their whole crew. It was … fairly noticeable.

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