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Matt Damon Credits Ben Affleck For DunKings Super Bowl Ad Matt Damon Credits Ben Affleck For DunKings Super Bowl Ad


Matt Damon Credits Ben Affleck For DunKings Super Bowl Ad

Written by: Fawne Hudnall

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Matt Damon is disavowing the most talked about Super Bowl ad — at least creatively, and instead he’s laying blame/giving credit to his BFF Ben Affleck.

Key Takeaway

Matt Damon credits Ben Affleck for the DunKings Super Bowl ad, revealing behind-the-scenes details and the impact of the ad on Dunkin’s sales.

The Backstory

Of course, Matt and Ben teamed up with Tom Brady to hilariously debut their boyband, The DunKings, for the splashy Dunkin ad — which cost $15 mil just for the airtime — all sporting bright orange tracksuits.

The spot was the standout Super Bowl Sunday commercial, but Tuesday night, when ‘Late Show’ host Stephen Colbert showed Matt a pic of him in the DunKing getup … he immediately made it crystal clear he wasn’t the brains behind it!

Matt’s Admission

MD did own this detail … at the end of the commercial he tells Ben, ‘”Remember how I said I would do anything for you? This is anything” — a line he actually said IRL to his pal. He says Ben just decided to put it in the ad.

Behind the Scenes

Matt jokingly acknowledged being in The DunKings wasn’t exclusive to the Boston trio … ’cause the only qualification needed to be in the band was the willingness to slide into those visually loud tracksuits.

Though, it seems like dressing the part ain’t an issue for lots of coffee and donut lovers … as Dunkin’ sold out of the tracksuits in just 19 minutes after going up for sale on their site. In fact, demand’s so high that new stock is on the way … with the track pants listed for pre-sale.

The Impact

Dunkin’s SB spot certainly seemed to sweeten the deal for them — with staff from various DD locations telling us they’ve busy as hell since Sunday. Bottom line: Donut underestimate the power of baked goods.

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