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John Amos Alleged Neglect Of Care Case Under Investigation By LAPD John Amos Alleged Neglect Of Care Case Under Investigation By LAPD


John Amos Alleged Neglect Of Care Case Under Investigation By LAPD

Written by: Ilene Roybal

Stay updated with the latest news on the alleged neglect of care case involving John Amos. LAPD is currently investigating the matter. Follow for more updates.

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Allegations of neglect in the care of renowned “Good Times” actor, John Amos, have prompted an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The case was initiated following claims made by Amos’ daughter, Shannon, who raised concerns about her father’s health and the adequacy of care provided by her brother, K.C.

Key Takeaway

Allegations of neglect in the care of actor John Amos have led to an investigation by the LAPD, following claims made by his daughter, Shannon. The focus of the inquiry is on the recent allegations of neglect, despite the actor’s denial of any such claims.

Investigation Initiated by LAPD

Law enforcement sources revealed that a case has been opened in response to the allegations brought forward by Shannon. It is reported that she recently contacted Adult Protective Services to express her apprehensions regarding her father’s well-being. Subsequently, a report was filed with Adult Protective Services, which was then forwarded to the LAPD, prompting the commencement of an investigation into the matter.

Focus of the Investigation

While acknowledging the history of discord between John’s children, the LAPD’s investigation will primarily concentrate on the recent allegations of neglect. The authorities are delving into the specific claims made by Shannon concerning the care provided to John Amos.

Recent Hospital Visit

Notably, it has come to light that the esteemed actor was recently hospitalized, although it was stated to be for a routine checkup, with no serious health issues reported. John Amos himself confirmed his well-being during a brief conversation, countering the severity of the situation.

Denial of Neglect Claims

Despite the allegations and ensuing investigation, both John Amos and his representative have consistently refuted any assertions of neglect in his care. The actor has maintained that he is receiving appropriate attention and care.

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