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Justin Timberlake Cancels London Concert Due To Flu Justin Timberlake Cancels London Concert Due To Flu


Justin Timberlake Cancels London Concert Due To Flu

Written by: Christine Thorne

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Justin Timberlake has announced the cancellation of his upcoming concert in London due to illness. The singer/actor shared the unfortunate news with his fans in a video posted online, expressing his disappointment at having to cancel the show at The Roadhouse in London.

Key Takeaway

Justin Timberlake has canceled his London concert due to illness, citing a battle with the flu as the reason for the unfortunate decision. Despite the setback, Timberlake remains focused on his upcoming album and is eager to return to performing for his fans once he has made a full recovery.

Flu Forces Concert Cancellation

In the video, Justin Timberlake revealed that he has been battling a flu, which has unfortunately worsened, leading to the decision to cancel the performance. Despite his initial preparations for the show, the artist expressed his regret at being unable to go ahead with the concert.

Upcoming Album and Tour

Timberlake, who has been on tour to promote his upcoming record, “Everything I Thought I Was,” had recently announced shows in the UK and across Europe. The artist also released a new song, “Drown,” as part of his forthcoming album, “Selfish.”

Recovery and Return to Stage

While disappointed about the cancellation, Timberlake assured fans that he looks forward to returning to the stage once he has recovered from the illness. The artist’s recent performance at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis, Tennessee, showcased his dedication to his fans and his commitment to delivering memorable shows.

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