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College Basketball Game Delayed Due To Elevator Incident College Basketball Game Delayed Due To Elevator Incident


College Basketball Game Delayed Due To Elevator Incident

Written by: Laurice Bigelow

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Tipoff for an NCAA men’s basketball game faced an unexpected delay on Thursday night as members of one team found themselves stuck in an elevator while en route to the court. The incident occurred at the Wellness Center in Brookville, New York, when the visiting Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Knights encountered trouble on their way to the game against LIU Brooklyn due to a malfunctioning elevator.

Key Takeaway

An NCAA men’s basketball game faced a delay after players from Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Knights got stuck in an elevator, but the team overcame the obstacle and secured a remarkable victory.

Stuck in the Elevator

As the team was packed into the lift that was supposed to take them from the locker room to the floor, the elevator broke down, leaving the players trapped inside. Fortunately, with the assistance of firefighters, the Knights were freed after approximately 15 minutes. Despite the ordeal, the players remained composed, with one of them remarking on the heat inside the confined space.

Overcoming the Obstacle

Following their release, the team managed to put the incident behind them and went on to secure a remarkable come-from-behind 84-82 victory. It’s worth noting that for the remainder of the evening, the team opted for the stairs instead of risking another elevator mishap.

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