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Juvenile Honored Kanye West Sampled Him On ‘Vultures 1’ Unlike Ozzy Osbourne Juvenile Honored Kanye West Sampled Him On ‘Vultures 1’ Unlike Ozzy Osbourne


Juvenile Honored Kanye West Sampled Him On ‘Vultures 1’ Unlike Ozzy Osbourne

Written by: Gayla Freedman

Get the latest news on how Juvenile was honored after Kanye West sampled him on 'Vultures 1', in a move unlike Ozzy Osbourne. Stay updated with the latest music news.

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Kanye West faced some challenges in clearing samples for his “Vultures 1” album, but one artist who had no issues with it was Juvenile. The Cash Money Records legend expressed his honor in being part of the same project that Ozzy Osbourne openly boycotted. Kanye sampled Juvenile’s classic tune “Back That Azz Up” for the song “Do It,” which went on to make history on the Billboard charts.

Key Takeaway

Juvenile expressed his honor in Kanye West sampling his song “Back That Azz Up” for the “Vultures 1” album, contrasting with Ozzy Osbourne’s opposition to Kanye’s use of his music. Juvenile’s approval and fond memories of Kanye’s support made the decision to green light the sample a straightforward one.

Juvenile’s Approval

Juvenile was pleased to give his approval for Kanye to use “Back That Azz Up” in his album. Unlike Ozzy Osbourne, who blocked Kanye from using his group’s “War Pigs” track, Juvenile had no reservations and fondly remembers Kanye supporting his indie efforts with his “Nolia Clap” collaborators, Wacko and Skip.

A No-Brainer Decision

For Juvenile, giving the green light for “Back That Azz Up” was a no-brainer. The song was the marquee single on Juvenile’s breakout album, “400 Degreez,” and continues to be a fan favorite 25 years later. To celebrate the album’s anniversary, Juvenile released a digital deluxe rollout featuring two new tracks produced in collaboration with Mannie Fresh, as well as a colored double LP vinyl set.

Upcoming Projects

As the surprises keep coming, Juvenile announced plans to shoot a music video for the “400 Degreez” title track, which he considers his absolute favorite song on the album. Fans can also look forward to seeing Juvenile on the star-studded Lovers & Friends Festival stage, following some initial challenges with the festival’s promoters. Despite initial issues, all contract matters have been resolved, and Juvenile is set to perform at the festival in Vegas.

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