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Kanye West Mocks Taylor Swift Over Grammy Win Discrepancy Kanye West Mocks Taylor Swift Over Grammy Win Discrepancy


Kanye West Mocks Taylor Swift Over Grammy Win Discrepancy

Written by: Amalea Menke

Stay updated with the latest news as Kanye West ridicules Taylor Swift over Grammy win controversy. Get all the details on this trending story.

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Kanye West has taken to TikTok to gloat about his Grammy wins in comparison to Taylor Swift’s, sparking a new wave of controversy.

Key Takeaway

Kanye West has resorted to TikTok to mock Taylor Swift over their Grammy wins, sparking a new wave of controversy and potentially provoking Taylor’s dedicated fan base, the “Swifties.”

Grammy Trolling on TikTok

On TikTok, Kanye West posted a slideshow comparing his Grammy wins to Taylor Swift’s, emphasizing the difference in their victories. The slideshow concludes with Kanye proudly displaying three Grammy awards, insinuating his superiority over Taylor in terms of Grammy accolades.

Fact Check

However, it’s worth noting that the official Grammy website credits Kanye with 24 awards, while Taylor Swift has 14. This indicates that Kanye’s math may not be entirely accurate, potentially undermining his attempt to troll Taylor.

Kanye’s Recent Taylor Swift Obsession

Notably, Kanye West has been fixated on Taylor Swift as of late, even asserting that he has contributed more to her career than detracted from it. His recent social media activity seems to revolve around taking jabs at Taylor, possibly seeking attention or stirring controversy.

Provoking the Swifties

It’s evident that Kanye’s actions are likely to provoke Taylor Swift’s devoted fan base, known as the “Swifties.” Despite the likelihood that Taylor may not be directly engaging with Kanye’s posts, it’s clear that he is well aware of the impact his actions may have on her fanbase.

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