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Matthew Perry’s Foundation Warns Of Crypto Scam After X Account Hack Matthew Perry’s Foundation Warns Of Crypto Scam After X Account Hack


Matthew Perry’s Foundation Warns Of Crypto Scam After X Account Hack

Written by: Christiane Dugan

Stay informed with the latest news on Matthew Perry's Foundation's warning about a crypto scam following an account hack. Protect yourself from potential risks.

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Matthew Perry, known for his role in the popular TV show “Friends,” has fallen victim to a hacking incident involving his X account. The hackers attempted to carry out a deceptive cryptocurrency donation scheme through a fake website, as reported by his foundation.

Key Takeaway

Matthew Perry’s X account was hacked by scammers who attempted to deceive users into making cryptocurrency donations through a fraudulent website. The Matthew Perry Foundation swiftly addressed the situation, emphasizing the sole legitimacy of MatthewPerryFoundation.org for donations. The foundation also warned against trusting any other sites claiming affiliation. The impact of the scam and the identity of the perpetrators remain unknown.

Foundation’s Response

The Matthew Perry Foundation promptly addressed the situation, alerting the public that the official X page had been compromised and was being used to direct users to a fraudulent website, where they were solicited for donations via cryptocurrency. The foundation emphasized that the scam was entirely false and urged people not to be misled by the deceptive social media post.

Legitimate Donation Site

The foundation clarified that the only authentic website associated with the Matthew Perry Foundation is MatthewPerryFoundation.org. They cautioned against trusting or contributing to any other websites claiming to be affiliated with the foundation.

Scammers and Impact

At present, the identity of the individuals behind the fraudulent post remains unknown. It is also unclear how many individuals may have made donations through the false link and the extent of their financial losses. The misleading post has since been removed from X.

About The Matthew Perry Foundation

The Matthew Perry Foundation was established in memory of the late actor to provide support to those struggling with addiction, a cause that held significant importance to him. Perry openly shared his personal battles with alcohol and opioid addiction, documenting his journey to sobriety in his 2022 memoir, “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing.”

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