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Outrage Over BAFTA Awards Snubbing Matthew Perry Outrage Over BAFTA Awards Snubbing Matthew Perry


Outrage Over BAFTA Awards Snubbing Matthew Perry

Written by: Hermine Jahnke

Discover the latest news on the BAFTA Awards snubbing Matthew Perry. Get all the details and reactions to the controversial decision. Stay informed with our comprehensive coverage.

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Fans of the late actor Matthew Perry have expressed their disappointment and anger after the BAFTA Awards failed to include him in their recent In Memoriam segment. The exclusion of the beloved actor from the tribute has sparked a wave of backlash and criticism from his loyal supporters.

Key Takeaway

The exclusion of Matthew Perry from the BAFTA Awards’ In Memoriam segment has sparked outrage among his fans, prompting a response from the show’s executives and reigniting conversations about his lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

BAFTA Awards In Memoriam Segment

The 2024 British Academy Film Awards featured a segment dedicated to honoring the memory of actors who had passed away in the last year. The In Memoriam segment, accompanied by a performance by actress Hannah Waddingham, showcased images of several late celebrities, including Carl Weathers, Tina Turner, Chaim Topol, Michael Gambon, and Richard Roundtree. However, Matthew Perry was notably absent from the tribute, leading to widespread disappointment among his fans.

Fans Express Frustration

Following the BAFTA Awards, fans took to social media to express their frustration and disapproval of the omission of Matthew Perry from the memorial. Many fans highlighted Perry’s significant contributions to both television and film, emphasizing that his legacy extended beyond his iconic role on the TV sitcom “Friends.”

  • One fan expressed, “No mention of Matthew Perry in the #BAFTAs memorial?! Bad form.”
  • Another fan lamented, “Hannah Waddingham’s voice is so beautiful. It’s a shame BAFTA left Matthew Perry off the list though.”
  • Yet another fan grumbled, “No Matthew Perry in the #BAFTAs memorium?? Feels a tad disrespectful. Did they just forget?”

BAFTA’s Response

In response to the mounting criticism, senior executives at BAFTA addressed the concerns, assuring fans that Matthew Perry would be remembered in the upcoming TV Awards ceremony. They also provided a link to Perry’s tribute on the BAFTA website, acknowledging his remarkable contributions to both television and film.

Remembering Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry, known for his role as Chandler Bing on “Friends,” had a prolific career in the entertainment industry, making significant contributions to both television and film. His sudden and tragic passing last year deeply impacted his fans and colleagues, and his absence from the BAFTA Awards’ memorial segment has reignited the conversation about his enduring legacy.

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