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Shane Gillis Sparks Controversy With ‘SNL’ Monologue Shane Gillis Sparks Controversy With ‘SNL’ Monologue


Shane Gillis Sparks Controversy With ‘SNL’ Monologue

Written by: Kessiah Ebner

Shane Gillis's 'SNL' monologue ignites controversy. Stay updated with the latest news on this trending topic.

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Shane Gillis, the comedian who was hired and then swiftly fired from “Saturday Night Live” before his first episode, took to the stage to host the iconic sketch show. His performance has left fans divided, with some praising his irreverent set and others criticizing his non-PC comments.

Key Takeaway

Shane Gillis’ hosting of “Saturday Night Live” has sparked controversy, with his performance drawing both praise and criticism from fans. His decision to avoid addressing the past scandal and instead deliver a divisive set has left audiences divided.

Gillis’ Performance and Response

Gillis barely addressed the 2019 scandal that led to his dismissal, instead diving into a new set of jokes that drew mixed reactions from the audience. He performed a segment on Down Syndrome and used words that have become taboo in recent years, acknowledging the tension in the room as some jokes fell flat.

Noteworthy Sketches and Fan Reactions

During the show, Gillis appeared in sketches, including one parodying Donald Trump’s new golden sneakers and another alongside cast member Bowen Yang, the first full-time Asian American on the show who was vocal when Gillis was fired. Fan reactions on social media have been polarized, with some calling out Gillis for his comments and others expressing admiration for his bold approach.

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