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Doritos Ends Partnership With Influencer Amid Controversy Doritos Ends Partnership With Influencer Amid Controversy


Doritos Ends Partnership With Influencer Amid Controversy

Written by: Flora Ladd

Stay updated with the latest news as Doritos ends partnership with influencer amidst controversy. Get the scoop on this breaking story.

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Doritos has recently cut ties with a Spanish transgender influencer, Samantha Hudson, following the resurfacing of old tweets and subsequent calls for a boycott. This decision comes after Samantha’s appearance in a new ad for Doritos in Spain sparked outrage due to controversial social media posts from her past.

Key Takeaway

Doritos has ended its partnership with Samantha Hudson, a transgender influencer, due to the resurfacing of controversial social media posts, highlighting the impact of past actions on present opportunities.

Controversy and Backlash

Right-leaning social media users brought attention to an old post by Samantha, in which she allegedly made inappropriate remarks about a 12-year-old girl when she was 15. This led to widespread criticism and calls for a boycott, with some also expressing disapproval of Doritos partnering with a transgender individual.

The backlash resulted in the resurfacing of Samantha’s 2015 post, which has since been deleted from her account but was widely shared online. Following the controversy, Doritos removed their promotional content featuring Samantha, and she experienced a significant loss of followers on social media.

Partnership Termination and Response

As the hashtag #BoycottDoritos gained traction online, Doritos Spain decided to end their collaboration with Samantha, stating that they were unaware of her previous tweets when they initially engaged her. The company also emphasized their strong condemnation of any words or actions that promote violence or sexism.

Subsequently, Samantha issued an apology for the resurfaced posts, expressing a lack of recollection of writing such remarks almost a decade ago. However, she acknowledged her past behavior, attributing it to a misguided sense of humor.

Similar Incidents and Resolution

This situation bears resemblance to a previous controversy involving Anheuser Busch and transgender TikToker Dylan Mulvaney, which resulted in a boycott. In contrast to that prolonged ordeal, Doritos swiftly opted to sever ties with Samantha to avoid potential repercussions.

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