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Zachery Ty Bryan Spotted At Bars After DUI Arrest Zachery Ty Bryan Spotted At Bars After DUI Arrest


Zachery Ty Bryan Spotted At Bars After DUI Arrest

Written by: Maxi Hartford

Stay updated with the latest news as Zachery Ty Bryan is spotted at bars following his DUI arrest. Get the latest updates on this developing story.

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Zachery Ty Bryan, the former “Home Improvement” star, was seen visiting bars just days after his recent DUI arrest. Despite his recent run-in with the law, Bryan was spotted at two different bars in La Quinta, CA, showing that he may not have learned his lesson about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Key Takeaway

Zachery Ty Bryan was spotted at bars in La Quinta, CA, just days after his DUI arrest, raising concerns about his behavior and decision-making following the recent legal incident.

Zachery Ty Bryan’s Bar Visits

On Tuesday, Zachery Ty Bryan was seen at Amigos bar in La Quinta around 3 PM, where he appeared to be enjoying happy hour. Although there are no photos of him consuming alcoholic beverages, it is likely that he was partaking in drinks. After spending about an hour at Amigos, Bryan then used a rideshare service to travel to a local Applebee’s, where he once again sat at the bar.

At Applebee’s, Bryan was observed with a cold draft beer in front of him, raising concerns about his behavior following his recent arrest for driving under the influence. Despite using a rideshare to travel between the bars, his presence in a drinking environment so soon after his legal troubles is troubling.

Zachery Ty Bryan’s Recent Arrest

Zachery Ty Bryan’s recent arrest occurred in La Quinta, CA, where he was taken into custody for driving under the influence and misdemeanor contempt of court. The arrest took place after police conducted a traffic stop and observed signs of impairment in the driver, later identified as Bryan. This incident adds to Bryan’s legal issues in recent years, prompting concerns about his well-being and future actions.

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