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Wendy Williams’ DJ Boof Expresses Concerns About Her Health Wendy Williams’ DJ Boof Expresses Concerns About Her Health


Wendy Williams’ DJ Boof Expresses Concerns About Her Health

Written by: Jerrylee Hafer

Stay updated with the latest news as Wendy Williams' DJ Boof shares his concerns about her health. Get the latest updates on Wendy Williams' health here.

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Longtime disc jockey for “The Wendy Williams Show,” DJ Boof, has revealed that the staff at the show were unaware of the severity of Wendy Williams’ illness. He expressed his concerns about her health and believes that her family members are the only ones who can provide the necessary help.

Key Takeaway

DJ Boof, former DJ of “The Wendy Williams Show,” expressed concerns about Wendy Williams’ health, emphasizing that her family members are best equipped to provide the help she needs.

Unrecognized Illness

DJ Boof shared that although people at the show sensed that something was amiss with Wendy, they did not fully comprehend the extent of her illness. He highlighted issues related to alcohol abuse and her subsequent diagnosis of aphasia and dementia, similar to Bruce Willis.

Documentary Revelations

The recent Lifetime documentary, “Where is Wendy Williams?” shed light on her struggles with excessive drinking and conflicts with individuals on the show. DJ Boof revealed that he recognized Wendy’s need for assistance long before the documentary aired.

Conflicting Support Systems

There is a debate regarding who is best suited to support Wendy during this challenging time. The conflict involves her family, inner circle, and her legal guardian, leading to a heated dispute among these factions.

Concern for Wendy’s Well-being

DJ Boof disclosed that he has maintained contact with Wendy since the cancellation of her show in 2022. He expressed his belief that Wendy’s family, including her sister and son in Florida, is in the best position to provide the support she requires.

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