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BBC’s Defense Of Andrew Scott Interview At BAFTAs BBC’s Defense Of Andrew Scott Interview At BAFTAs


BBC’s Defense Of Andrew Scott Interview At BAFTAs

Written by: Aarika Mcloughlin

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The BBC is standing by an interview with Andrew Scott at the BAFTAs, which has faced criticism for its line of questioning regarding Barry Keoghan’s nude scene in “Saltburn.”

Key Takeaway

The BBC has defended an interview with Andrew Scott at the BAFTAs, stating that the questions about Barry Keoghan’s nude scene were meant to be lighthearted and not intended to cause offense.

Background of the Controversy

During the interview, entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson asked Andrew Scott about Barry Keoghan’s nude scene in “Saltburn,” a question that sparked backlash and accusations of homophobia. The BBC has received complaints regarding the interview, particularly concerning the nature of the questions asked.

BBC’s Response

In response to the criticism, the BBC released a statement defending the interview. The network emphasized that the questions posed by Colin Paterson were intended to be a lighthearted reflection of the discussion surrounding the scene and were not meant to cause offense. The BBC clarified that the interview commenced with questions about Andrew’s movie, “All of Us Strangers,” before transitioning to the topic of his fellow Irish actors, including Barry Keoghan.

Evaluating the Questions

While Andrew Scott appeared visibly uncomfortable with the line of questioning about Barry’s nude scene, the BBC acknowledged that the specific question about prosthetics and Andrew’s familiarity with Barry was “misjudged.” The network highlighted the cultural impact of the film and the attention garnered by the nude scene, which was also addressed by Barry Keoghan himself.

Similar Questions to Other Figures

The BBC further explained that Colin Paterson asked similar questions to “Saltburn” writer and director Emerald Fennell, as well as singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, whose song “Murder On The Dancefloor” features during the nude scene. The network also noted that Colin addressed the issue later in the BAFTA broadcast, acknowledging that his questioning may have crossed a line and expressing regret if this was the case.

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