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Chrisean Rock’s Controversial Response To Alleged Assault Lawsuit Chrisean Rock’s Controversial Response To Alleged Assault Lawsuit


Chrisean Rock’s Controversial Response To Alleged Assault Lawsuit

Written by: Sylvia Maus

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Chrisean Rock, the rapper, has taken to social media to seemingly respond to a lawsuit with a fiery tweet. In the tweet, she expresses frustration and calls out an unnamed individual for spending money on a lawyer. The tweet, filled with strong language, indicates that she is not willing to give any money to the person in question.

Key Takeaway

Chrisean Rock has seemingly responded to an alleged assault lawsuit with a strong message on social media, hinting at her unwillingness to part with her money amidst the legal battle.

Alleged Assault Lawsuit

Although Chrisean did not explicitly mention the person she was referring to, it is known that she is currently involved in a significant lawsuit regarding an alleged assault. The incident took place at Tamar Braxton’s show in November, where TV personality James Wright has filed a lawsuit against Chrisean. He alleges that she assaulted him backstage, resulting in multiple face lacerations and two broken teeth, which led to his hospitalization.

During an emotional Instagram Live, Tamar Braxton discussed the alleged incident, shedding light on the severity of the situation. Additionally, there is video footage of Chrisean disrupting a prayer circle before the concert, although sources claim that this was unrelated to the alleged assault.

Chrisean’s Stance

Despite the ongoing lawsuit, Chrisean appears determined to stand her ground regarding her finances, as indicated by her recent tweet. It remains to be seen whether she will uphold this stance as the legal proceedings unfold.

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