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Elton John’s Auction Fetches $8 Million At Christie’s Elton John’s Auction Fetches $8 Million At Christie’s


Elton John’s Auction Fetches $8 Million At Christie’s

Written by: Opalina Berryhill

Get the latest news on Elton John's auction, which fetched a staggering $8 million at Christie's. Stay updated with the latest developments in the world of entertainment.

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Elton John, the legendary singer-songwriter, has made headlines with the success of the auction he curated for Christie’s. The auction, titled “The Collection of Sir Elton John: Goodbye Peachtree Road,” saw all 49 lots being sold for a total of approximately $8 million on its first night.

Key Takeaway

Elton John’s curated auction at Christie’s has garnered significant attention, with all 49 lots selling for a total of around $8 million on the first night. The diverse range of items, including iconic pieces such as the “Flower Thrower Triptych” by Banksy, has contributed to the auction’s success.

Iconic Items Sold

  • Elton’s silver leather platform boots circa 1971 – $94,500
  • Prescription sunglasses – $22,680
  • 1990 Bentley Continental – $441,000
  • “Flower Thrower Triptych” by Banksy – Over $1.9 million

Notably, the auction featured a diverse range of items, including luxury wristwatches that fetched six-figure prices. One of the highlights was the sale of “Flower Thrower Triptych,” a painting by the enigmatic artist Banksy, which was acquired by Elton John directly from the artist.

Upcoming Sales

The success of the first night has set the stage for more excitement, as additional items are scheduled to be auctioned off in person on Thursday and Friday. For those unable to attend in person, there will be an opportunity to acquire unique collectibles through remote bidding for about a week.

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