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‘The Sopranos’ Iconic Diner Booth Sells For Over $82,000 At Auction ‘The Sopranos’ Iconic Diner Booth Sells For Over $82,000 At Auction


‘The Sopranos’ Iconic Diner Booth Sells For Over $82,000 At Auction

Written by: Gladys Priebe

The iconic diner booth from 'The Sopranos' sells for over $82,000 at auction, making headlines in the news. Discover the latest entertainment auction buzz.

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The iconic diner booth from the final scene of the legendary TV series “The Sopranos” has been sold at auction for a staggering sum of over $82,000. The booth, where Tony Soprano sat down with his family in the memorable finale, was a beloved tourist attraction at Holsten’s ice cream parlor in Broomfield, NJ.

Key Takeaway

The famous diner booth from “The Sopranos” finale has been auctioned off for over $82,000, as the ice cream parlor where it was housed undergoes renovations.

A Piece of TV History

The auction for the booth, table, divider, and a custom plaque reserving seats for the Soprano family on eBay sparked an intense bidding war, ultimately culminating in the remarkable sale. The proceeds from the auction will contribute to the upcoming renovations at Holsten’s, including new floors and booths.

End of an Era

Despite its status as a pilgrimage site for fans of “The Sopranos,” Holsten’s made the difficult decision to part with the iconic booth due to the need for renovations and the compromised structural integrity of the furniture. The ice cream parlor emphasized that the upcoming changes will not alter the familiar ambiance that fans have come to cherish.

Uncertain Buyer

While the identity of the buyer remains undisclosed, the sale of the booth marks the end of an era for the cherished piece of television history. The new owner will undoubtedly treasure this iconic relic from “The Sopranos” for years to come.

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