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Kelly Lynch: The Manipulative Detective In ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Kelly Lynch: The Manipulative Detective In ‘Charlie’s Angels’


Kelly Lynch: The Manipulative Detective In ‘Charlie’s Angels’

Written by: Dorothy Laird

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American actress Kelly Lynch portrayed the character of Vivian Wood, a manipulative detective, in the action/comedy film “Charlie’s Angels” back in 2000. At that time, Lynch was in her early 40s, and she delivered a memorable performance in the movie.

Key Takeaway

Kelly Lynch’s portrayal of Vivian Wood in “Charlie’s Angels” left a lasting impression, and her collaboration with renowned actors contributed to the film’s success.

Starring Alongside Hollywood Icons

In “Charlie’s Angels,” Kelly Lynch shared the big screen with Hollywood icons such as Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu. Barrymore played the role of Dylan Sanders, a reckless yet extremely savvy angel, while Diaz portrayed Natalie Cook, the blue-eyed blondie Angel known for her dance in Spiderman underwear. Liu, on the other hand, played Alex Munday, a martial artist well-versed in explosives. The chemistry among the cast members contributed to the film’s success.

Early Career and Notable Roles

Prior to her role in “Charlie’s Angels,” Kelly Lynch’s first major starring role was in the 1988 comedy/romance film “Cocktail,” where she starred alongside Tom Cruise. Throughout her career, Lynch has showcased her versatility as an actress, taking on a variety of roles across different genres.

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