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Mathew Knowles Defends Beyoncé’s Hair Venture Amid Criticism Mathew Knowles Defends Beyoncé’s Hair Venture Amid Criticism


Mathew Knowles Defends Beyoncé’s Hair Venture Amid Criticism

Written by: Amara Piper

Get the latest news as Mathew Knowles defends Beyoncé's hair venture, addressing criticism and sparking conversations in the industry. Stay informed with the latest updates.

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Mathew Knowles, father of the iconic Beyoncé, has come to the defense of his daughter’s foray into the world of hair care. Despite some online criticism regarding Beyoncé’s use of hair extensions, Knowles stands by the legitimacy of her new hair care line, Cécred. He asserts that Beyoncé’s extensive knowledge in maintaining healthy and happy hair is rooted in her upbringing, as he and her mother, Tina Knowles, successfully operated a renowned salon in Houston for nearly two decades.

Key Takeaway

Mathew Knowles stands by Beyoncé’s expertise in hair care, citing her upbringing and experience in the industry. He also supports Kelly Rowland, dismissing any notions of diva behavior and emphasizing her character.

Beyoncé’s Expertise in Hair Care

Knowles firmly believes that Beyoncé’s experience and understanding of hair care are beyond question, despite the skepticism surrounding her product due to her use of hair extensions. He emphasizes that her background in the industry, coupled with her personal journey with hair, uniquely positions her to offer valuable insights and effective products for hair maintenance.

Support for Kelly Rowland

Additionally, Knowles expressed his unwavering support for former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland, whom he views as a daughter. He addressed the recent incident where Rowland left her guest hosting duties on “TODAY” due to dissatisfaction with the dressing room. Knowles adamantly refuted any claims of diva behavior, asserting that such conduct is entirely out of character for Rowland.

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