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The Crow Remake Faces Criticism From Original Cast Member The Crow Remake Faces Criticism From Original Cast Member


The Crow Remake Faces Criticism From Original Cast Member

Written by: Virginie Dean

Get the latest news on the controversial remake of The Crow, facing criticism from the original cast member. Stay informed with the latest updates.

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One of the original main characters from “The Crow” has expressed her concerns about the upcoming remake, particularly focusing on the portrayal of the late Brandon Lee’s iconic character by Bill Skarsgård.

Key Takeaway

Rochelle Davis, an original cast member of “The Crow,” has expressed her disapproval of the remake, particularly concerning Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal of the iconic character originally played by Brandon Lee.

Rochelle Davis’ Critique

Rochelle Davis, known for her role as Sarah in the 1994 goth cult classic, has voiced her apprehensions regarding the remake. She has specifically criticized Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal of Eric Draven, the character originally brought to life by Brandon Lee. Davis expressed her disappointment, stating that the revamped portrayal does not align with the true essence of the character, even deviating from the depiction in the comic book. She candidly described her initial reaction to the first images of Bill in character as “yuck.”

Concerns about Character Representation

Davis emphasized that the new rendition of Eric Draven does not resonate with the character’s true nature. She conveyed her dissatisfaction with the “dingy, dirty, grungy” appearance of the character, expressing that it deviates from the essence of the protagonist, who she believes is meant to embody a good soul. Additionally, she expressed her desire for more diversity in the cast, suggesting that a replacement for Brandon’s character should not necessarily be a straight white male.

Respect for Brandon Lee

Given the tragic circumstances surrounding Brandon Lee’s passing, Davis underscored the importance of honoring his memory. She expressed her disappointment in the decision to remake the film, emphasizing that it lacks the reverence due to Brandon’s legacy. Davis also highlighted her decision not to watch the remake out of respect for Brandon, and she called upon other fans of the original movie to join her in boycotting the new version.

Final Thoughts

Despite the criticism, Davis acknowledged the introduction of newer generations to “The Crow” through the remake. However, she remains steadfast in her disapproval of the new take on the beloved classic.

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