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Meghan Markle’s New Podcast Deal With Lemonada Media Meghan Markle’s New Podcast Deal With Lemonada Media


Meghan Markle’s New Podcast Deal With Lemonada Media

Written by: Eudora Davison

Stay updated with the latest news on Meghan Markle's new podcast deal with Lemonada Media. Get all the details and insights here.

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Less than a year after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry called it quits on their $20M Spotify deal, Meghan Markle herself is giving it another go in the podcast game.

Key Takeaway

Meghan Markle has signed a new podcast deal with Lemonada Media after parting ways with Spotify, showing her commitment to continuing her podcasting journey and reaching a broader audience.

New Podcast Deal with Lemonada Media

The Duchess of Sussex has inked a deal with Lemonada Media — the company behind “Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus” — for a new, untitled podcast series. Lemonada will also be distributing her old pod “Archetypes” to all other networks for access to a broader audience, in addition to her forthcoming show.

Meghan’s Excitement

Meghan expressed her pride in continuing her love for podcasting and supporting a female-founded company with thought-provoking and highly entertaining podcasts. She mentioned her eagerness to share her new podcast soon and her joy in joining the Lemonada family.

Parting Ways with Spotify

In June 2023, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, citing their production company, Archewell Audio, and Spotify said in a joint statement they “mutually agreed to part ways and are proud of the series we made together.” Reports varied on the exact reason behind the partnership’s end, with some suggesting a lack of content generation for the $20M payout.

Launch of “Archetypes”

Meghan launched “Archetypes” in 2020 after reportedly signing a multi-year deal with Spotify. The podcast premiered in 2022, with Meghan as the host, interviewing celebrities on topics around stereotypes levied at women.

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