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Michael Chandler Challenges Conor McGregor At Monday Night Raw Michael Chandler Challenges Conor McGregor At Monday Night Raw


Michael Chandler Challenges Conor McGregor At Monday Night Raw

Written by: Irina Phillips

Get the latest news on Michael Chandler's challenge to Conor McGregor at Monday Night Raw. Stay updated with all the exciting developments in the world of sports entertainment.

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The UFC and WWE are now under the same ownership, and this was evident on Monday night when UFC star Michael Chandler made a surprise appearance at Raw. Chandler took the opportunity to call out Conor McGregor in an epic promo, creating quite a stir among fans.

Key Takeaway

Michael Chandler’s unexpected appearance at Monday Night Raw and his fiery callout to Conor McGregor has sparked renewed interest in a potential showdown between the two fighters, keeping fans eagerly awaiting further developments.

Chandler’s Fiery Words

Addressing the packed crowd at the Hondo Center, Chandler proclaimed, “What’s up Anaheim? You are now in the presence of the most entertaining UFC fighter on the planet,” before directing his attention to McGregor. “There’s a man from Ireland that’s been making me wait way too long, and I still got one dude on my mind, Conor McGregor, get your candy ass back to the Octagon! We got some unfinished business boys, God bless! I’ll see you at the top!”

A New Era of Collaboration

This crossover between UFC and WWE is a result of the merger between the UFC’s parent company, Endeavor, and WWE, forming TKO Group Holdings. With a market cap of nearly $15 billion, this colossal entity now oversees both sports entertainment giants, paving the way for more interactions between the two worlds.

Unfinished Business

Chandler’s bold words come after months of anticipation for a showdown with McGregor. Despite the duo coaching against each other on “The Ultimate Fighter” almost a year ago, an official fight date is yet to be confirmed. While reports suggested a potential date of June 29 in Las Vegas, nothing has been finalized.

The Verdict

Chandler’s fiery challenge has reignited the excitement for a potential clash with McGregor, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. With both fighters at the top of their game, the prospect of them facing off in the Octagon continues to tantalize fans and pundits alike.

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